An Artistic Epiphany: Watts and Hope

I’m not generally that much into paintings.  I admire them and I like them and I’m familiar enough with the ones that those silly Ten Million Paintings You Must Lick Before Next Wednesday books say I should be, but I’ve never found them to be particularly fascinating.  More crucially, with the exception of Dalí, I’ve never had a painter who I personally liked more than others in the same way that I have certain musicians and authors whose works are a good rough approximation of my taste in those media.  Ah, but in the space of two days that has … Continue reading An Artistic Epiphany: Watts and Hope

A Little Reactionary Politics Before Lunchtime

As you may have noticed (yeah, really! who am I kidding?), the Shi’ite cleric Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah died five days ago, and since then there’s been a minor whirl of articles about him, all of which seem to mention that he was considered liberal, though it’s not made clear by whom.  They all explicitly stated that he was connected to Hezbollah, an accusation which he vociferously denied.  What’s more, Hezbollah itself has denied that he is one of them, and as far as I recall, they don’t seem to keep any great aura of secrecy about their leaders, what with … Continue reading A Little Reactionary Politics Before Lunchtime