A few minor observations…

…about Argentina:

1. They have cages on sticks outside the houses in Puerto Madryn to put trash bags in.
2. There are people employed to be parking metres (again, this might only be Puerto Madryn).  No, really! They wear orange vests and stand despondently around the city waiting for someone to come and park so they can go up to them and be paid for a certain amount of time.
3. The Chubut police service is very zealous.  One might perhaps even say OVERzealous (guess whose bag was seized on as suspicious by some idiotic guide dog and whose clothing had to be emptied out into a car park full of dirt and stones in the freezing cold)
4. Due to their Italian heritage, Argentines love ice cream – but they only eat it in the winter.
5. The Argentines have a vastly inflated idea of how long it is from Buenos Aires to Patagonia.
6. Argentina’s bus stations are the most chaotic I have ever seen – and I’ve been to China.  Conversely, once you get past them and actually achieve getting on one, you receive what might be the best bus service on the planet.  Free meals, as much tea and coffee as you want, cushy seats, films, personal service! Rather makes the bus journeys I took in Turkey look pathetically uncomfortable.

On a slightly unrelated note, it’s very strange to constantly see, read, and hear the phrase “Welsh colonisation”.


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