A Holiday in Sutherland’s Shadow

I’m currently up in Dornoch at the moment (I’ll give you a moment to look up and find out precisely how maddeningly far north that is) for a week’s holiday with my mother.  I’ve never been to the Gàidhealtachd before – at least not since I was two – and it isn’t a region I have investigated much, so there’s quite a lot of historical catching-up to do.  For one thing, I had never grasped quite how independent the Highlands were from the central political powers in both Scotland and the United Kingdom, even until the 1800s.  This makes perfect … Continue reading A Holiday in Sutherland’s Shadow

Today, we’re going to play with Missiles!

And I am back, after a brief hiatus.  Meanwhile, my prediction of the Jamahiriya’s 42nd birthday has been abundantly fulfilled, and I’ve unaccountably managed to get myself quite a lot of freelance work, much of which involved tight deadlines.  It is this which has lamentably taken the edge off my ability to blog.  But I have returned now to present you with a post about MATHS, and in particular the language of maths.  For all that I blog about (and am fiercely obsessed by) politics, I am also fascinated by linguistics, and I can no longer bear that the most … Continue reading Today, we’re going to play with Missiles!