Say It Ain’t So: The “Islamic Winter”

Two days ago I was in my local branch of Ottakars (which is actually Waterstones but which I insist on calling Ottakars out of a loyal and anachronistic stubbornness akin to the United States’ obsession with flying the South Vietnamese flag) when I saw a book which made me unspeakably furious – so furious, in fact, that I had to buy a book by Frantz Fanon in order to calm down.  This book was by a man called John R. Bradley, and it expounded the idea that the Arab Spring has gone terribly wrong because it has been hijacked by … Continue reading Say It Ain’t So: The “Islamic Winter”

The Chaos of Opinion

For most of the nine or so months since the Syrian Civil War – that’s what it is, even if Western leaders resist calling it that – broke out, I have had a fairly clear view of the situation.  I moved from cheering on the demonstrators to a mounting sense of horror at the prospect of the destruction of a country I lived in for a year – by either the Syrians or “foreign forces” (a term which, despite the Syrian National Council’s insistence, does include other Arab nations), but the progression happened slowly. A few days ago, however, I … Continue reading The Chaos of Opinion

Soros and the Open Society

So I’m back, and a happy new arbitrary period of time to my readers (both of you!).  Despite the continuing infirmity of my computer, I should be able to keep updating here. In the last few weeks I have read quite a lot of books which impressed me profoundly: Real England, which makes me think I don’t hate the UK quite as much as I once thought (although I still don’t want to live there); Sexuality and Socialism; Is That A Fish In Your Ear?, which altered my view on language so much that I will feel compelled to post … Continue reading Soros and the Open Society