A Personal Absolution from Dictatorship

(Nota bene – some or all of this might have been written with the assistance of pain-killers) I am done with talking about Syria.  With the release of the Assad e-mails, the world is finally went mad.  After a year of the Syrian uprising gradually deviating from the narratives obligingly set out from it, from the unswift nature of the conflict to the protestors’ stubborn decision not to be CIA agents, the release of the e-mails is an attempt by the forces of liberal Orientalism (here represented by the Guardian) to cow Assad’s image towards proper tyranny and make him … Continue reading A Personal Absolution from Dictatorship

A Fragment of International Muppetry

Apologies for my more than usually protracted absence.  I have been spending time working to earn money for food and other such frippery.  Additionally, the Syrian Civil War has become so ghastly – both in terms of violence within Syria and the statements made by politicians abroad – that I can barely stand to read about it every day.  I’m working on something quite long about Syria, but while we wait during the intermission, have this little analysis.  Given the situation, what follows may have something of laughter-through-the-tears to it. The big news yesterday was the defection of the man … Continue reading A Fragment of International Muppetry