All photos copyright Duncan Wane, 2007-2011. Click on any of the thumbnails for the full version.

A street in Chefchaouen, Morocco (2008).
The Fire Festival in Mile, Yunnan (2009).
The ruined castle of Qasr al-Hayr in the Syrian desert (2009).
The Argentinian flag in Buenos Aires (2008).
The sunset in Arizona (2007).
An early morning in Damascus (2009).
Aerial view of the forest around Simitai, Beijing (2009).
Houseboating on Lake Powell, Utah (2008).
Two veiled women having an impromtu snowfight in Hama, Syria (2008).
Camels and the funerary towers, Palmyra, Syria (2010).
Perito Moreno glacier, Argentina (2010).
San Xavier del Bac, Tucson, Arizona (2011).
The dreaming spires of Oxford from South Parks (2011).

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