It’s pronounced Na-bó-kov, not Ná-bo-kov

Before you all start howling at me (as if), I know that this blog is generally politically-themed, but whether you believe it or not I do sometimes read books between searching for material for my latest update.  In June, after graduating, I bought a whole raft of books from Blackwells in the mistaken belief that I would read them.  It’s now November and the pile has not shrunk appreciably.  Last week, though, I started what might be the crowning jewel of this haul, in terms of how much I have wanted to read it and for how long: Ada or … Continue reading It’s pronounced Na-bó-kov, not Ná-bo-kov

An Artistic Epiphany: Watts and Hope

I’m not generally that much into paintings.  I admire them and I like them and I’m familiar enough with the ones that those silly Ten Million Paintings You Must Lick Before Next Wednesday books say I should be, but I’ve never found them to be particularly fascinating.  More crucially, with the exception of Dalí, I’ve never had a painter who I personally liked more than others in the same way that I have certain musicians and authors whose works are a good rough approximation of my taste in those media.  Ah, but in the space of two days that has … Continue reading An Artistic Epiphany: Watts and Hope