Post-War Realignment and Multiculturalism

NB.: I’m going to Sarajevo on Friday and will be away for about two weeks.  During that time my posting schedule will be inventive.  Also, this post is late and bit scribbly because I’ve been working on something else, which you will hopefully see in due course, and for that I apologise.  I still think the ideas are valid. There is something fundamentally wrong in the way we in Europe approach the idea of multiculturalism. Now, before we start, let’s get a few things down.  This is not a tract against multiculturalism.  I adore multiculturalism.  Can you imagine how dull … Continue reading Post-War Realignment and Multiculturalism

Khartoum’s slow march to oblivion

It must be difficult to be Omar al-Bashir.  He is suspected of having orchestrated the murder of about half a million people, famously in Darfur and also in what was until recently the South of his country.  Since 2008 the ICC has had a warrant out for his arrest.  His Arab Sudanese compatriots are under strict political oppression; there is virtually no area of the country outside Khartoum which does not feel neglected.  Yet despite having taken his country and himself to new limits of international isolation, things for Bashir are usually ticking over all right.  But not this time. … Continue reading Khartoum’s slow march to oblivion