Not Quite A Revolution

The major Middle Eastern news this week has clearly been the Arab League’s almost-suspension of Syria for the crackdown on protestors, along with every Western media outlet in the land trumpeting that Jordan’s monarch (one of the earlier targets of the Arab Spring and still on my personal list of tyrants) had called for Bashar to step down.  This, so we are told, was the final international humiliation for a regime now isolated by so many former friends. In reality, this is nearly all bollocks.  King Abdullah did not quite call for Bashar to step down: he said that if … Continue reading Not Quite A Revolution

Will I Ever Publish Another Post?

Do Western journalists understand the principle of cause and effect? I ask only because in the last few days I have seen a number of articles with the headline “Is the Arab Spring in danger?”, or thereabouts, generally about the upsurge of activity which took place this week.  Now, as I understand it, the main worry is that the revolutions will be betrayed by those who have been brought to power (such as Tantawi in Egypt).  Surely, then, the revolution was under far more threat before this week, when the protesters were not out in force, than it is now? … Continue reading Will I Ever Publish Another Post?