Over by Christmas (of the year 2027)

Ever since the beginning of the uprising in Syria, I have been in two minds about the whole situation.  Obviously, it would be entirely hypocritical of me to claim (as Khomenei has done) that while unrest in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, and Bahrain was the natural result of decades of misrule, the only way protests would begin in Syria could be through foreign intervention and bribery.  There is no denying that a large segment of the Syrian population want something different, and no reason to suspect that events in Syria are separate from the revolts in the rest of the … Continue reading Over by Christmas (of the year 2027)

A Little Reactionary Politics Before Lunchtime

As you may have noticed (yeah, really! who am I kidding?), the Shi’ite cleric Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah died five days ago, and since then there’s been a minor whirl of articles about him, all of which seem to mention that he was considered liberal, though it’s not made clear by whom.  They all explicitly stated that he was connected to Hezbollah, an accusation which he vociferously denied.  What’s more, Hezbollah itself has denied that he is one of them, and as far as I recall, they don’t seem to keep any great aura of secrecy about their leaders, what with … Continue reading A Little Reactionary Politics Before Lunchtime