Too Many Syrias – Why You Should Be More Confused

If anyone tells you that they understand Syria, don’t listen to them.  Actually, no, that isn’t strong enough – hit them.  People who claim to understand what’s going on with piercing clarity usually look at Syria through one of a limited number of binary paradigms, all of them hopelessly inadequate for a situation as complex as Syria’s.  Almost without exception, their relevance to Syria is the result of pre-packaged opinions being applied to the country rather than an honest look at what’s going on – people who look at the facts in Syria tend to be thoroughly perplexed (and more … Continue reading Too Many Syrias – Why You Should Be More Confused

The Chaos of Opinion

For most of the nine or so months since the Syrian Civil War – that’s what it is, even if Western leaders resist calling it that – broke out, I have had a fairly clear view of the situation.  I moved from cheering on the demonstrators to a mounting sense of horror at the prospect of the destruction of a country I lived in for a year – by either the Syrians or “foreign forces” (a term which, despite the Syrian National Council’s insistence, does include other Arab nations), but the progression happened slowly. A few days ago, however, I … Continue reading The Chaos of Opinion