In Defence of Arizona

I have lived in Arizona, on and off, for 13 years now.  I went to high school here, my mother lives here, the house I’ve lived in the longest is here, I have friends here, and –despite its rapid and dizzying development– I know Phoenix better than perhaps anywhere else in the world.  I see no contradiction between calling myself Arizonan and not calling myself American, in the same way that I don’t really like being English but I identify strongly with Oxford.  As you’d expect, I rather like Arizona.  I have consequently spent 13 years defending it to other … Continue reading In Defence of Arizona

Soros and the Open Society

So I’m back, and a happy new arbitrary period of time to my readers (both of you!).  Despite the continuing infirmity of my computer, I should be able to keep updating here. In the last few weeks I have read quite a lot of books which impressed me profoundly: Real England, which makes me think I don’t hate the UK quite as much as I once thought (although I still don’t want to live there); Sexuality and Socialism; Is That A Fish In Your Ear?, which altered my view on language so much that I will feel compelled to post … Continue reading Soros and the Open Society