John Brennan: Sinister or cretinous (or both?)

Today, tomorrow, or possibly a little later – the Yemeni government has said that the votes might take some time to tabulate, as if we didn’t all already know the result! – for the first time in 33 years, Ali Abdullah Saleh will not be President of Yemen. American politicians and diplomats are already crowing about “democracy by the ballot box”, all the while ignoring that there is only a single candidate on the ballot paper and his rise to power is not really in doubt.  In fact, given that there is no minimum turnout specified for the results to … Continue reading John Brennan: Sinister or cretinous (or both?)

Dear Western Powers: Please Shut Up

This has certainly been one of the great weeks in the Middle East: so much is going on that it would be foolish to try to deal with all of it.  But foolish I am, and that is exactly what I am about to try to do.  I have spent all week reading countless articles and opinions about the current wave of goings-on, nearly all of them factually short-sighted, and I have quite frankly had enough.  Here, therefore, are some truths, most of them unpleasant, all of them uncomfortable for the West.  But that is, after all, what the West … Continue reading Dear Western Powers: Please Shut Up

Will I Ever Publish Another Post?

Do Western journalists understand the principle of cause and effect? I ask only because in the last few days I have seen a number of articles with the headline “Is the Arab Spring in danger?”, or thereabouts, generally about the upsurge of activity which took place this week.  Now, as I understand it, the main worry is that the revolutions will be betrayed by those who have been brought to power (such as Tantawi in Egypt).  Surely, then, the revolution was under far more threat before this week, when the protesters were not out in force, than it is now? … Continue reading Will I Ever Publish Another Post?